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1300 542 573

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  1. For small businesses, sole traders and contractors we provide a fast, friendly and efficient way to source multiple quotes on suitable business insurance combined with general advice on the type and level of cover similar businesses generally take out.
  2. For larger businesses, upon request and when briefed in detail, we can deliver a specialist review of the products that may be suitable to you, then structure and negotiate tailored insurance programmes specifically for you.
  3. For all business we can source competitive quotes from leading insurance companies on policy inception, and EVERY year on renewal, saving you time and money.
  4. We handle the payment process from premium and claims payments between you and the insurers reducing the administrative burden on you or your staff.
  5. We provide you with a key point of contact to provide a friendly service and peace of mind.
  6. We have a dedicated claims management process and where appropriate we will act on your behalf by negotiating the best claim outcomes for you.

1300 542 573

TALK to a SMART Business Insurance adviser

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