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I'm a tradesman what type of insurance do I need?

Tradies will generally need public & products liability, tools of trade, commercial vehicle and personal accident insurance.

I'm a tradesman, can I package my insurances into one policy or do I need to take out individual policies.

Tradesmen can package public & products liability together with tools of trade.

Generally Insurance for commercial vehicles and personal accident will be under a separate policy.

Vero Insurance offer a combined tradesman biz pack that incorporates public & products liability cover, tools of trade and commercial motor vehicle in the one policy.

Personal accident insurance requires a separate policy.

I'm a tradesman do I need public & products liability insurance?

Tradesman require public & products liability to protect their business and personal assets. It is an essential cover.

I'm a sole-trader tradesman – how much will my insurance cost me?

Insurance for tradesman starts from approximately $500 p.a. This is for sole-traders in lower risk trades with low turnover that require public & products liability only.

Tools of trade insurance will start from $150 p.a depending on the type and value of tools in possession.

Commercial vehicle insurance starts from approximately $1,000 p.a and varies depending on the use, location and value of the vehicle.

Personal accident cover is not inexpensive. It starts at approximately $1,000 p.a and varies depending on age, occupation and income.

I'm a tradesman contractor – do I need personal accident insurance or workers compensation insurance?

As a tradesman operating as a sole-trader or contractor, in most Australian states, you will need to take out personal accident insurance.

Workers Compensation insurance is typically for your employees.

However in Queensland tradesman working as sole-traders or contractors are eligible for workers compensation insurance directly via their state authority.

I work as a tradesman and have several staff, what insurance do I need? Do I need professional indemnity insurance?

As a tradesman running a business with staff you will require all the insurances of smaller operations such as: public & products liability, tools of trade and commercial motor vehicle.

If you run your business from a factory you will also need general property and contents insurance including theft, fire, glass and flood cover.

If you provide design advice you may also require professional indemnity insurance. Your staff will need workers compensation insurance.

I'm a tradesman and I know what I'm doing, do I really need insurance?

YES, of course! "Expert" tradesman still require insurance.

There is always the potential for accidents outside of your control, you may make a rare costly error, and even if you do nothing wrong someone may make a claim against you.

I’m a tradie and I  still need some more information

No worries….please call 1300 542 573  and one of our specialist trade insurance brokers will answer your insurance questions

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