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Restaurant Insurance

At SMART, we love restaurants.

We love to eat in restaurants and we love to provide insurance to restaurants.

Italian, Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, Lebanese, Greek, Asian, Thai, Mexican, Spanish, Tapas, Japanese, Malaysian, Australian, Modern, Casual, Formal, Hawker, Vegetarian, Seafood or Steakhouses.

When it comes to restaurants, we love them all!

The restaurant business can be fickle and it can be risky. Insurance can't help with some of the risks (eg: not enough customers) but can protect you with others. Below are some of the insurable risks.

Restaurant Business Insurance – what can it cover?

Restaurant business insurance can cover all or some of the risks below. For more information on what it can cover , requirements and costs please TALK to one of our helpful restaurant insurance brokers on 1300 542 573 or email us on info@smartinsure.com.au.

  • Public Liability – eg: injuries from slips and falls. The risks are greater with multi level restaurants and restaurants with hard to access bathroom facilities.
  • Product Liability – eg: unwanted objects in food, food poisoning.
  • Business & General Property – eg: damage to building – vandalism.
  • Business Equipment
  • Fire and Perils – eg: fire arising from cooking, electrical malfunctions, unguarded flames and grease fires.
  • Crime – eg: cash and alcohol
  • Workers Compensation – eg: burns, cuts and strains.
  • Business Interruption – eg: profit associated with location in the event you are forced to close for an extended period.
  • Equipment Breakdown – eg: refrigerator breaking down resulting in loss of stock.

Restaurant business insurance broker quotes

Our helpful business insurance brokers can help you find suitable cost effective insurance for your restaurant. Depending on whether you have a small restaurant or a large one, and the level of fit out of your restaurant, certain insurance companies may offer better terms. Our specialist brokers will obtain multiple quotes on suitable insurance policies for your from leading insurance companies such as Vero, Lumley, Zurich and AIG.

Whether you are in Perth, Victoria or anywhere in between in Australia , if you want more information on restaurant business insurance requirements , including what business interruption insurance can cover ,TALK to a SMART Insurance broker on 1300 542 573 or email us at info@smartinsure.com.au for SMART insurance cover for your restaurant.

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Restaurant businesses:

There are approximately 8,500 restaurant businesses employing over 65,000 people in Australia.

The business of restaurants has made a decent comeback in Australia after the GFC.

Casual dining has largely relaced fine dining and even many premium restaurants are a lot more casual in their plate servings and service.

Key types of restaurants are:

Today Asian influenced restaurants have become the norm. What was exotic a few years ago is regular fare for this generation. European inspired cuisine is now almost regraded as traditional .

Arabic, Mexican and African restaurants are more prevalent on the scene as is Asian hipster food , while more and more Australian restaurants create a fusion of flavours.

The produce in Australia, with its high quality seafood, meats , vegetable and fruit allows local restaurateurs to reshape recipes from their youth to create a true Australian taste.

While the BYO restaurant still exits- alcohol consumption can account for are large portion of restaurant profitability.

Where are the best restaurants in Australia found?

Adelaide, Brisbane , Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane ,Sydney, Perth, Hobart or one of the smaller "foodie towns"? Tell us which city or town you think has the best restaurants and the food in this town is so good.

Thank you so much for your wonderful guidance and assistance regarding this claim.
John Dowber
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