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Are you a wedding photographer looking for suitable public liability insurance?

Public Liability insurance is a core cover for all Australian businesses - including wedding photographers to cover you against damage to a third person or their property. Slips and trips caused by you may be covered under public liability insurance.*

If you are a wedding photographer looking for affordable and suitable business and public liability insurance you may have come to the SMART place. Simply call 1300 542 573 or contact us online for more information and quotes.

What insurance do you need for a wedding photography business?*

In addition to public liability insurance there are several cover options for wedding photographers to consider. They are listed below.

  • Professional indemnity insurance for wedding photographers may help pay damages suffered by a client based upon your services, advice or negligence. It may also cover legal bills for ambient claims against you when you have done nothing wrong. Photography is an emotive art, even more so when weddings are involved, and as a result in Australia there are many instances of clients seeking damages from wedding photographers.
  • General Property – eg: loss of laptops, computer equipment.
  • Equipment Insurance- eg .loss or damage to cameras, lenses , and lighting
  • Business Interruption– eg: profit associated with your business in the event you are forced to close for an extended period.
  • Commercial vehicle - eg . for wedding photographer work vehicles
  • Personal accident - eg. If you injure yourself and you are no longer able to photograph weddings
  • Wedding photographers may be a able to combine public liability, general property, equipment and business interruption into a "business pack" for affordability and ease of managing.

Not sure how much cover you need for your wedding photography business?

Call 1300 542 573 to talk to a friendly SMART business insurance broker who may be able to assist you in finding suitable cover at an affordable cost.

How much does Public Liability Insurance Cost for a Wedding Photographer ?

Depending on a number of factors such as your turnover, whether you offer video, whether you operate whether you are a sole trader or employ a team, your experience, the value of your equipment, and your claims history certain insurance companies may offer better terms.

Our specialist brokers will obtain costs and quotes on a suitable wedding photographer public liability insurance policy.

If you want more information for your wedding photography business insurance requirements, including what business interruption insurance can cover and cost, TALK to a SMART Insurance broker on 1300 542 573 or contact us online.

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*Important: Cover may be available subject to meeting insurers underwriting criteria. Some of the covers listed may or may not be available or may have limitations or exclusions. Cover inclusions vary significantly from insurer to insurer. DO NOT rely upon the above. Check your policy schedule carefully for inclusions and exclusions and limitations. Talk to a SMART insurance broker on 1300 542 573 for more information