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Tradies insurance for Plumbers

Whether you are a plumber working as a sole trader, contractor or running a plumbing business in Australia, it is recommended to get tradies insurance for plumbers. Suitable plumbing insurance policy can protect your business against losses from material damage, property damage and injury to people.

Since plumbing involves working with hazardous chemicals, gas, water, heat and electricity, the work of a plumber exposes you to a number of risks. Damage to public property and injury to people on the work site are risks you and your plumbing business face.

Risks for Plumbers

The various risks a plumber is exposed to include:

Public Liability: Plumbing involves high on-site risks associated with cutting, welding, and excavation work.

Product Liability: Plumbing contractors are subject to very high-risk complete operations exposure, which includes leaks from faulty pipes or complete failure of the plumbing system to work.

Professional Indemnity: For plumbers providing advice, even if you do not charge a fee for advice, you may be liable.

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Business Insurance Policies for Plumbers

Sole trader plumbers may need only a single type of cover, but plumbing businesses often needs to have an insurance program.

The different insurance covers needed by plumbers, include:

Public Liability: In case of damage to third party property, interruption of third party business (because of an interrupted gas, electricity and water supply), third party injuries from tools and work activities, claims against a plumber make you liable for adequate compensation, which public liability insurance may cover.

Products liability: Plumbing contractors can be liable for products supplied, not following specifications and building instructions, or producing defective work.

Professional indemnity: Claims arising from erroneous designs, advice claimed to be faulty, contract administration and project management may be covered under professional indemnity insurance.

Commercial motor vehicle insurance: Plumbers with vehicles need cover in case of any damage to the vehicle due to accidents. This can include van insurance or ute insurance.

Worker's Compensation: plumbing can be a risky job for the plumbers. They are highly exposed to cuts, burns and falls, and may get heavily injured while lifting heavy objects or frequent stooping.

Trailer insurance and tools insurance should also be considered by plumbers.

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I'm a plumber, what does public liability insurance cover me for ?

As a plumber, public liability insurance may cover you for damage you cause to a third parties person or property.

For example, if in the course of your plumbing works, you damage your clients' furniture , destroy part of their home or building , cause some damage to a neighbouring property, or inflict personal harm on your client, visitors, neighbours or passers-by , public liability insurance may cover you. In the most serious cases, public liability insurance may cover you where your plumbing business activities result in the death of a person.

Public liability insurance may also be able to assist with paying damages and/or legal fees for any claims made against you as a result of your plumbing business activities. There are many instances of claims made against plumbers that are sole traders, contractors and small businesses who did not think they were at fault.

I'm a plumber, why do I need public liability insurance ?

It is strongly recommended that NO plumber that is a sole trader, subcontractor or small business operator work without public liability. As a plumber, without public liability insurance you may personally be responsible for any damage you cause to a third parties person or property. In the most serious cases, public liability damages can result in millions of dollars of payments; which would bankrupt most plumbers that are sole traders, contractors and many plumbing based small business owners. The most common plumbing based public liability cases involving million dollar payouts include serious personal injury to clients, visitors ,neighbours or passer- bys and the destruction of property. Even with basic public liability insurance claims against plumbers, legal bills start in the thousands of dollars, and climb into the tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. A further reason for plumbers needing public liability insurance is that in many instances you will NOT be allowed access to a site or permitted to do a job without showing your public liability certificate of currency .

I'm a plumber do I need to declare sub-contractors ?

As a plumber it is essential you declare sub-contractors to your insurance company or insurance broker.

As a plumber, if I hire sub-contractors do they need to have their own public liability insurance ? Why?

As a plumber, it is vital that your sub-contractors have their OWN public liability insurance so that they may be covered for any damage they cause to a third parties person or property while sub-contracting to you. As a contractor they are responsible for any damages they cause . As a plumber, your public liability policy covers your plumbing business . Each business, including all sub-contractors require their own public liability insurance. It is recommended that you obtain a current public liability certificate of currency from all sub-contractors that perform work for you.

I am a plumber AND a sole trader. Does workers compensation cover me?

No. If you are a plumber that is also a sole trader workers compensation will NOT cover you. Workers compensation provides cover for your employees. As a plumber that is a sole trader you may require income protection or personal accident insurance. Note: Sole traders may have up to 20 employees

Plumbing in Australia

There are approximately 25,000 plumbing businesses and approximately 80,000 employed plumbers in Australia.

This means that on "average" each plumbing business employs 3 plumbers. As commercial plumbers employ a lot more than 3 plumbers it also means that a lot of plumbers are self employed or sole traders.

Key plumbing activities include:

Back flow prevention, drain installation, cleaning or repairing, gas work, green plumbing, guttering installation and repair, hot water system installation and repair, industrial plumbing, repairs, plumbing maintenance, septic tank installation and repair, solar hot water system installation, toilet repairs, waterproofing.

Different types of plumbers:

Drainage and roofing plumbers, water plumbers, sanitary plumbers, gas fitters, ,mechanical plumbers

Related trades:

Fire protection ,landscapers, handyman, builders, farmers, electricians, scaffolders.

Famous plumbers:

Kevin Sheedy, Thomas Crapper, Ozzy Osborne, Joe the plumber, Michael Caine, John Harrington,

Plumber & doctor Joke:

A pipe burst in a doctor's house. He called a plumber. The plumber arrived, unpacked his tools, did mysterious plumber-type things for a while, and handed the doctor a bill for $650.

The doctor exclaimed, "This is ridiculous! I don't even make that much as a doctor!"

The plumber waited for him to finish and quietly said, "Neither did I when I was a doctor."