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SMART Insurance for owner builders

Who built this beautiful house!?

The satisfaction an owner builder has in successfully building their own home can be enormous.

Before the magic moment arrives when the home is ready to be lived in the owner builder has number of hurdles to jump ,and faces some risks, ranging from obtaining the relevant permits and certificates of consent , to engaging building surveyors and tradespeople, to ensuring all the work runs smoothly and meets building regulations.

During the process it's important to be suitably insured.

So if you are an owner builder looking for insurance protection for material damage and public liability you have come to the SMART place for a competitive quote on a suitable policy.

The team at SMART can source suitable cover for the insurable risks during the construction stage of your project.

Insurable risks for owner builders may include:

Fire, water ,storm, flood, landslip, material damage, existing property ,tools and machinery, expediting expenses, professional fees, mitigation costs, and removal of debris.

You may also want to consider insuring off site storage, transit, resultant damage, contract of sale extension, property in care and custody and more.

Depending on the type, size and location of your building activities our brokers know which insurance companies and underwriters are likely to provide suitable cover and competitive prices.

Construction projects we can source suitable cover for owner builders include : Domestic buildings such as new houses, renovations, extensions,garages, and granny flats.

SMART can also source contract works cover for multi home constructions, townhouses and apartments.

If an owner builder has conducted works on their property and then plans on selling it within a specified time period , they will need to obtain owner home builder warranty.

Our insurance brokers are specialists in construction insurance. They can source suitable construction insurance for a diverse range of building situations.

Monthly payment plans can be easily arranged to assist with cash flow.

For competitive quotes and general advice on insurance for owner builders you can TALK to a SMART Business Insurance broker on 1300 542 573 or email us at info@smartinsure.com.au

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