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We work for you

As an independent adviser, there are no doubts about who we work for.

We act for you, the client.

We provide clients with access to all the leading underwriters & insurers that specialise in medium & large businesses. You can count on us to uncover the best value on the RIGHT cover. And if you ever need to claim, we are here to assist you through the process.

Business Insurance Specialists

We are focused on business insurance.

We are not distracted by home insurance or health insurance.

Nor do we provide any financial planning or life insurance services.

Just the right business insurance cover at the best value for your business. Our focus is that sample.

It's not just your business. It's personal.

Business is personal to many of our clients and it is to us too.

The owners of SMART Business Insurance are directly involved within our business and maintain close communication with the medium & large businesses we service.

We are here to protect you and we take it personally.

More information on our custom approach to insurance solutions for medium & large businesses:

1300 542 573

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Monday – Friday 8.45 am - 6.00 pm AEST

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