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Our claims service

It's when you claim that you really find out how good your insurance policy is and also how good the service delivery of your insurance adviser or broker is.

At SMART Business Insurance, we provide an insurance CLAIM handling service that delivers on our commitment to protect and assist medium & large businesses.

While making a business insurance claim means something negative is impacting your business, with SMART Business Insurance, you have the peace of mind that we are in your corner, looking after your interests. This not only means expediting a cheque, but also can involve liaising with assessors and underwriters. We also conduct claims reporting and analysis to support you when you need it, and to help reduce risks moving forward.

More information on our custom approach to insurance solutions for medium & large businesses:

1300 542 573

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  • "We can't express how glad we are that we have decided to joined Smart Business Insurance.

    With the break in incident that happened to us, we are glad that we have your company to take care of all the claim process.

    All I have done is contacted SMART Business Insurance and you have taken care of the rest after.

    We would like to personally thank SMART for being so attentive during the claim process. "

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