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Tradies Insurance for Scaffolders

Scaffolding is a high risk trade. As a scaffolder, you erect temporary structures to provide stable support when work cannot be done from the ground. However, erecting structures exposes you to a number of risks, including the risk of falls and collapsing of scaffolds. Apart from this, scaffolding exposes the public to risks by the collapse of faulty structures, or injuries from the tools being used on-site.

Risks faced by scaffolders

There are a number of risks for sole traders, contractors & businesses operating as scaffolders. Most of these hazards are associated with the erection, use, maintenance, alteration, and dismantling of scaffolders.

Sole traders, contractors and businesses operating as scaffolders face the risk that scaffolds may cause damage to property and public, plus damage to surrounding property. Goods in transit, slips, trips and falls, electrocution and theft of equipment are also risks for scaffolders.

Business insurance policies for Scaffolders

To protect you against insurable risks SMART can provide you with a competitive quote on suitable business insurance for scaffolders.

Public liability insurance:

Public liability insurance will be needed for:

  • The risks of materials falling from or being blown from height and cause injury to people or property
  • Unauthorized access, attractive nuisance
  • Liability to sub-contractors, vicarious liability for subcontractors
  • Damage to customer and other third party property
  • Third party injuries from tools, equipment and materials and

Products liability insurance

Products liability insurance will be needed for:

  • Not following specifications or building codes/specific Australian standards
  • Defective installation work
  • Completed operations exposure (especially for permanent scaffold structures)

Workers compensation

  • Strenuous work conditions including lifting heavy objects, standing for long hours, risk of working at heights, stooping and kneeling.
  • Risk of injury from falls and slips. Injuries due to cuts and burns. Injuries from moving parts of machines and vehicles on-site. Risk of electrocution and other accidents.

Tools Insurance

  • Breakdown of machines and tools used on the main premises or taken to various sites.
  • Essential cover for mobile machinery.

Trailer insurance, van insurance and ute insurance should also be strongly considered.

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