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Insurance for Commercial & Domestic Cleaners

"Who's going to clean up that mess?"

As a cleaner, you know that usually no one will clean that mess up; they'll leave it for the cleaner.

And who is there to help you with that mess?

At SMART we can't help you clean up your client's mess, but we CAN help your business avoid ending up in a mess if an accident occurs.

What types of mess can your cleaning business end up in that can be protected via insurance?

Cleaning Service Insurance

  • Public Liability – eg: someone slipping on a floor you've just cleared or tripping over a bin you just moved or you accidently damage a client's property.
  • General Property – eg: loss of specialised cleaning equipment.
  • Fidelity – eg: for cleaners that employ staff there is employee fidelity risk in regards to client cash, laptops etc.

Specialist business insurance for commercial & domestic cleaners

For many, cleaning services is similar to insurance. No one wants to pay for it but everyone needs it.

Our business insurance brokers are specialists in cleaning services. They can source suitable business insurance packages (biz pack) to suit the needs of sole trader cleaners, and small,medium and large cleaning businesses. Depending on the size and nature (eg: domestic or commercial) of the cleaning service, our brokers know which insurers and underwriters are likely to provide suitable cover and competitive prices for cleaning service businesses.

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