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Are you after a suitable public liability insurance policy for your business?

Compare public liability quotes and terms

Want to compare public liability quotes and terms from leading insurers such as Vero, Zurich, Lumley and AIG. Or perhaps would you like to compare public liability quotes from other insurers?

You can compare terms and obtain multiple quotes by contacting us on 1300 542 573 or via email at

Public Liability Insurance Broker

As a specialist business insurance broker we source competitive public liability quotes for business owners every working day.

As a broker we act for your business, NOT the insurance company.

How much public liability cover do we need?

...$5million, $10million or $20million cover. Based on your industry and company size, we can provide guidance in relation to industry benchmarks, and then compare quotes and terms for your business.

Public liability compared for trades and corporates

We compare public liability insurance policies and quotes for businesses ranging from contractors, sole traders, tradesmen, shop owners and also manufacturers, wholesalers and corporates. One person to five hundred, we can cover you.

When comparing Public Liability Insurance there is a lot to consider!

Some of the most important things to consider when you are after a Public Liability policy to protect you for business activities:

  • Have you been rated correctly based on your business activities? Will the policy cover you for your business activities?
  • What is the claims history of the insurance company for your specific risks?
  • What is the support you will receive if you need to claim?
  • If you need to claim will you be dealing directly with an insurance company, the insurance company agent or will you have a broker to represent your interests?
  • What are inclusions and exclusions of your Public Liability policy?
  • What are the excesses, sub-limits and deductibles within your Public Liability policy?
  • What is the rating of the Public Liability insurance company or underwriter ? – this can dictate their ability to pay.
  • Are all the countries you do business with included in jurisdictional limits?
  • Who in your business is covered by the Public Laibility policy? For example: does it cover sub-contractors and what are the sub-limits?
  • And finally, what is the price for your Public Liability cover?

There is a lot to consider when comparing Public Liability policies. It can be daunting for many contractors , sole traders and small business owners to understand all the clauses in a Public Liability insurance contract.

That's where business insurance brokers such as SMART Business Insurance can assist. Ask us, we are here to help.

To compare public liability insurance contact us on 1300 542 573 or email us at

1300 542 573

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