What does Business Insurance have to do with the AFL Finals Series?



To the untrained eye the relationship between Business Insurance and the AFL footy appears tenuous at best.

For example, if your team makes the AFL Finals and finishes in positions 5,6,7 or 8, you would love them to have the sameInsurance policy that the top 4 get – the coveted double chance.

Early in the third quarter of their Elimination Final, Richmond, with a 32 point lead over Carlton, would have liked to take out Business Interruption Insurance to protect their profits – their lead!

But with no Insurance policy available to them, the teams that performed better throughout the home and away season to finish 5th& 6th, in Richmond and Collingwood, were bundled out by teams that finished 7th in Port Adelaide and 9th* in Carlton. (*that’s another story)

On the other hand the teams that finished 2nd and 4th in Geelong and Sydney, despite losingare both alive for another week of finals as they claimed on the bestinsurance policy in the business of AFL Football – the Double Chance.

Sydney in particular are no strangers to the Business of Insurance as their major sponsor of 27 years is QBE – one of Australia’s leading Business Insurance Companies.

Similarly, Geelong survived despite losing their final. Is it that, because as the Cats they have 9 lives?, Or because one of their major sponsors NIB provides Health & Life Insurance? A happy coincidence perhaps?

However, having a leading Insurance company as your major sponsor is no guarantee of surviving week one of finals as Collingwood found out, despite being sponsored by top insurer CGU.

Nor was Richmond saved by its sponsor, online car Insurer BINGLE, from a major crash in the second half of their Elimination Final.

Further, not only does having a leading Insurance Company not protect you against damage in an Elimination Final, it doesn’t guarantee you of even making the finals.

The Brisbane Lions have a partnership with one of the best Business Insurance Companies going around in Vero. And while performance matters with Vero it couldn’t get the Brisbane Lions into the top 8 or even 9!

In fact the insurance relationship couldn’t save the Brisbane Lions coach; who hopefully took out Income protection at the start of the year.

Likewise the West Coast Eagles sponsorship by Direct Insurer SGIO could not help the fancied Eagles make the finals or save club, coach and Legend John Worsfold his job.

So as you can see when it comes to the Business of Football, the Insurance Business plays a much larger role in AFL Footy that is immediately apparent.

This blog is written by Mark Vanzo, a Carlton supporter & Managing Director of Melbourne headquartered

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Disclaimer: The author makes no claims in relation to the likely performance of one AFL Insurer sponsored club over another.

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